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Semi-analytical modelling of galaxy formation

Over the past decade, a new approach has been developed to follow the formation of galaxies in cosmologies in which structure grows hierachically. This technique is called semi-analytic modelling, and is a modular approach that takes our best approximations for the physics that underpins galaxy formation, allowing a wide range of properties to be predicted for the galaxy population at any redshift. Semi-analytic modelling is complementary to gas dynamics simulations. Where the gas simulations work well, the recipes used in semi-analytic models can be refined to mimic the simulations. Where simulations break down due to a lack of resolution or lack of understanding of the relevant physics, semi-analytical models can be used to improve our knowledge and extend the modelling.

The above image is a snapshot from a movie demonstrating galaxy formation using the GALFORM program. The right panel displays the underlying dark matter density and the left panel shows a galaxy that formed as a result of numerous 'mergers'.
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